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Hydrate n' Play Conditioner

Hydrate n' Play Conditioner

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The Hydrate n' Play Moisturizing Conditioner is a lightweight and nourishing hair care product that provides the perfect balance of moisture to your hair. This conditioner is perfect for all curly, wavy, textured, color and chemically treated hair types.

  • Hydration without weighing down: This conditioner hydrates your hair without making it feel heavy or greasy.
  • Detangles and strengthens: It detangles your locks with ease while strengthening them to prevent breakage.
  • Silky smooth texture: It gives you silky smooth texture with a long-lasting shine that lasts all day long.

This conditioner is made in the US by NSCO and contains Aqua,Glycerin,Dimethicone,Isopropyl Palmitate,Cyclopentasiloxane as key ingredients in its liquid form. The regular edition comes with one 8.5 oz pack that is suitable for adults use only.

  • Cruelty-free formula:This plant-based formula has many benefits including being alcohol-free ammonia free chemical free paraben-free sulfate-free making it suitable for people who are looking to avoid harsh chemicals in their beauty routine
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The Hydrate n' Play Moisturizing Conditioner features anti-aging properties which help restore color while nourishing the strands of your locks improving its health over time.The shelf life of this product is 24 months from manufacturing date giving you enough time to enjoy its benefits over an extended period

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