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Xceeding Beauty

Bondiflex Paste

Bondiflex Paste

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Bondiflex Paste is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to create unique hair styles with ease. This ultra-malleable paste is designed to mold, hold, and sculpt hair with style and texture.

  • Texture & Oomph: The Bondiflex Paste offers incredible texture and oomph to your hair, making it perfect for both curly and straight hairstyles.
  • Creamy Formula: The matte finish, low shine formula of this paste is creamy in texture that gives you ample time to style your hair as per your preference.
  • Net weight & Shelf life: This product comes in a quantity of 3.4 oz with a shelf life of 24 months.

The Bondiflex Paste contains Aqua,PVP,Petrolatum,Lanolin,Pumpkin seed extract which gives it a plant-based feature that makes it an excellent choice for those who prefer natural products over chemical-based ones.

  • Packaging & Manufacturer Information: This product comes as a single item pack type manufactured by Xceeding Beauty in the US which makes it highly reliable
  • Suitable Age Group: This product can be used by adults.

Bondiflex Paste ensures easy styling along with nourishing ingredients that provide maximum hold without damaging the natural goodness of your hair! So why wait? Grab this amazing paste today!


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